Your Joomla! Site Is Constantly Under Attack By Hackers

Every day, hackers are actively seeking websites to spread malware and spam emails. Joomla! sites in particular make attractive targets due to the project's popularity and the sheer number of available exploits for third party extensions. New vulnerabilities are found every day, even in extensions everyone assumes are secure.

Biziant Sentry Stops Malicious Requests

The goal behind Biziant Sentry is to provide free, open-source technology to monitor the requests sent to your Joomla! site in order to detect malicious attempts to inject code. By matching request parameters to known valid types, Biziant Sentry can determine if a request is malicious and stop the attack immediately.

Biziant Sentry Is Only A Proof-Of-Concept

The current codebase is merely a proof-of-concept and is not intended for use on production sites, and I am not responsible if it breaks something important. There is currently no schedule for a stable release.